What fields are the camera modules used for?

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The camera module has a wide range of applications in industrial inspection, automotive, traffic & security, retail & finance, education, such as Industrial camera, machine vision camera, ADAS camera, face recognition system, e-payment device, document scanning device, android device camera, phones, pad, tablet computers, Internet Of Things devices, Smart home devices, Hunting camera, dashcam, Robots, etc.

Here are some cases from different products and industries


1. Temperature Measurement

The camera adds the temperature measurement function on the technology of face recognition to replace manual operation during the epidemic prevention and control period. The camera module gives full play to the efficient and powerful scientific and technological force, reduces the workload of epidemic prevention and control, and also reduces the risk of infection.

2. financial and security systems

The camera module is very small in size, but powerful in function. Banks’ financial and security systems have surveillance cameras in hidden corners. This is where the camera module comes in handy because it is so small that it is easy to hide. camera module is very small in size.

3. Monitering System

Installing a camera at home to watch the pets, checking the family members at any time, we can take care of everything at home easily even if we are outside, realizing the remote operation of smart home and use the two-way intercom.

4. Barcode Scaner

The application of the camera module in supermarkets and catering terminals enables customers to scan the barcode of commodities by themselves and pay for consumption by scanning the barcode, which reduces the waiting time of customers and saves labor costs camera module in developing.

Supertek Co.,Limited focuses on the customization and manufacturing of camera modules, which can provide customers with differentiated product customization solutions in terms of resolution, camera dimension, lens field of view, application scenarios, and other aspects. Our Advantages: Free sample evaluation before customization, short development/tooling time, low development/processing cost, and no MOQ.

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