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  • USB3.0 Camera Module
  • 8MP
USB3.0 Camera Module
  • USB3.0 Camera Module
  • 8MP
4K USB3.0 Camera Module
USB3.0 camera module

4K USB3.0 Camera Module IMX317

8MP Usb3.0 Camera Module
USB3.0 camera module

8MP USB3.0 Camera Module

USB3.0 camera module introduction

What is USB3.0 Camera Module

USB 3.0 is the latest usb specification standard, in addition to performance improvements, it maintains the compatibility of usb 2.0 and also provides some enhancements. Since usb 2.0 is commonly used, it has become a necessary interface for many camera module hardware, but its transfer rate is significantly lower, and the appearance of the USB 3.0 interface makes up for this shortcoming.

The Usb3.0 camera module is a kind of UVC-compliant USB3.0 camera which is driver-free and plug-and-play on Windows and Linux, Supertek USB3.0 camera modules are designed for high-speed transmission with camera modules such as the 8 megapixels IMX179 and IMX317 image sensors, providing sufficient bandwidth for transmission.

USB3.0 VS USB2.0

USB3.0 camera module

Interface color
In order to more intuitively distinguish between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, the standard specification specifies the color of the interface. The color of the middle plastic piece located at the USB interface makes a difference. usb 3.0 is colored blue. usb 2.0 is colored black.

Number of physical buses
The physical bus of the two types of USB ports is different due to the different modes of operation. 4 lines for USB2.0 are 2 power lines, 2 signal lines. 5 lines for USB3.0 are 2 transmit data lines, 2 receive data lines, and a ground line.

Different transmission rates
USB3.0 transfer rate of about 4800MB / S, Which is equal to about 5GB / S. USB2.0 transfer rate of 480MB / S.

Power consumption is different
USB3.0 power supply capacity of 1A is 5W power consumption, while USB2.0 power supply capacity of 0.5A, power 2.5W. so the need to use the USB port to charge the phone users, the best choice of blue USB3.0 because it has a higher output power!

Different working modes
USB3.0 works in full-duplex mode because it allows for bi-directional data transfer, while USB2.0 works in half-duplex mode.

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