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Darts is an indoor sports that is popular all over the world. It is a leisure game that integrates entertainment and competition, originated in England in the 15th century, is a small disc-type metal dart played in bars.

Soft dart machine

Soft dart machine, also called automatic scoring dart board with camera. Compared with the traditional hard dart machine, the league dart machine can realize automatic counting, scoring and result display. Electronic Dart Machine can be placed in any bar or pubs, comic book cafe, clubs, etc.

automatic scoring dart board with camera

Dart features a touch panel, camera, laser (as a distance measurement) and sensors, allowing for real-time online gaming while watching your opponent. With this system, players can play online with other players from any corner of the world, being able to see players, dart board and results.

The dart game device comprises of a dart board having multiple numbered sections; a sensing module configured to detect a difference in an electrical signal when the dart board is hit by a dart; a control module configured to control overall operations of the dart game device; and a camera module section that includes multiple camera units, wherein the camera module includes: a first camera unit configured to photograph a throw-line from which a player throws a dart and the player’s whole body; a second camera unit configured to photograph at least a part of the player’s body in order to identify the player; a third camera unit configured to photograph the entirety of the dart board; and a fourth camera unit configured to photograph at least a part of the area formed between the throw-line and the dart game device in order to photograph a dead zone that is not photographed by the first to third camera units.

How the electronic dart machine works?

The dart thrower starts to throw, and then the dart hits the target. There is a camera around the dart board. The dart board takes pictures to determine the location of the dart landing. The camera passes the image sensor and uploads the image to the host. The connected computer host intelligent AI recognizes where the darts land and calculates the score, and finally uploads the score and displays it on the monitor.

Supertek for the camera module integrated with the dart, it can be 1-2MP resolution with HFOV 75-90 degree lens, and USB interface, we have different solution for option, and support fully customization according to your requirement.

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