Application of video endoscope in medical

An endoscope is a testing instrument that integrates traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. One has an image sensor, optical lens, light source illumination, mechanical device, etc. It can enter the stomach through the mouth or enter the body through other natural orifices. Using an endoscope can see lesions that X-rays cannot, so it is very useful for doctors. For example, an endoscopist can look at ulcers or tumors in the stomach and use this to determine the best treatment plan.


The high-resolution images and wide viewing angles provided using endoscopes allow visualization of a richer surgical field than binocular microscopes. Endoscopy enables ENT surgeons to introduce angled optics and high-contrast light sources during middle ear surgery, reducing the need for a retroauricular approach and extensive bony anatomy. Endoscopes visualize surgical or diagnostic procedures on a larger screen.

Optical lenses are generally called cameras or photographic lenses, or lenses for short, and their function is optical imaging. The lens is an important component in the machine vision system and plays a key role in the image quality. It affects several main indicators of the image quality, including: resolution, contrast, depth of field and various aberrations. There are not only a wide variety of lenses, but also great differences in quality. There are two types of endoscope lenses, CMOS and CCD.

The following introduces a CMOS borescope/endoscope with lighted camera


Supertek ST10-9734FF Endoscope is a kind of multi-purpose inspection equipment, the small diameter of the probe is only 3.9mm, with HD720P 1280H x 720V pixel camera, the use of endoscope is very extensive, and it can be used in industry or medical treatment, such as extending into the sewer Pick up things, explore into caves, put them into gaps to check, etc. It can be used to monitor the skin, nose, mouth, etc. in medical treatment, and assist in telemedicine use. This product also provides accessories USB2.0 micro USB (Android mobile phone), type-C interface mobile phone.

Supertek support fully customize service according to customer requirements.

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