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Supertek is dedicated to developing new and cutting-edge camera solutions to help our clients launch their products with less time and effort.

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    Supertek sends free camera modules with the same performance as you require before you place the order.

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    Got an urgent project to launch? You can expect us to develop a solution for your camera module within 2–3 weeks.

  • Low Development Fees

    With the hope to help innovators speed up their product launch, Supertek usually charges $300–$500 for the module development.

  • No Minimum Order Quantity

    Multi-layer packing featuring bubble bag, reinforced corner cardboard & paper box ensures that your furniture arrives safely.

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    Camera modules for applications in Industrial Inspection, Traffic & Security and more.

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    Customize For Your Industry

    Fully Customization to Meet Your Innovative Needs

    Supertek has helped some of the most innovative teams with the customized integrated camera module solutions.

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    Module Dimensions
    Hardware Modification
    Firmware Modification
    Module Dimensions

    Found the perfect camera module but need to resize it? Or maybe you got an uncommon product that requires uncommon dimensions for your camera module? With numerous possibilities available, Supertek is your solution to all of these problems.

    Hardware Modification

    Each project aims for different application scenarios and some of them are so new and unheard of. These innovations usually contain extra hardware. At Supertek, we are enthusiastic about being part of an innovative product. We typically offer the following hardware modification options; if you have any other ideas, contact us for more options:

    Firmware Modification

    Other than module dimensions and extra hardware, the firmware of the camera module also plays an important role in the overall product performance. Using software and depending on your applications, we will modify features such as brightness, contrast and more.

    How Makes Our Projects Succeed

    • 01

      PCB Development

    • 02

      Raw Material Sourcing

    • 03

      PCB production

    • 04

      SMT process

    • 05

      IC Programming

    • 06

      Lens Assembly

    • 07

      Focusing Process

    • 08

      Gluing Process

    • 09

      Quality Inspection

    • 10


    Designed for performance & heat dissipation

    A good PCB engineer designs circuit layout based on client’s specific needs, but an excellent engineer also considers performance and anticipates the possible problems. At Supertek, we design PCB boards that are optimized for performance with heat dissipation in mind, ensuring the highest quality possible for our clients' applications.

    Choosing the right set of components

    A camera module is a set of components working together, so choosing the right set of parts is crucial for every module. Supertek works with some of the most well-known component suppliers in the world including Realtek, Sony, Aptina, Himax, Galaxycore, and the rest, ensuring the outstanding price/performance ratio to each module.

    Accuracy in its best practice

    SMT process is one of the most important processes during the whole production period; it requires expertise and experience of all specialists, as well as high-accuracy SMT machines from brands such as Panasonic CM402, Yamaha YSM40, and the similar. With years of practice and development, our scrap rate for the SMT process has reduced from 0.001 to 0.0001, greatly speeding up the manufacturing process. With the hope to help small innovators to launch their projects, Supertek does NOT require MOQ for our clients.

    No dust, no black dots.

    Sensors and lenses are the two main factors that affect the camera module's imaging quality. They must be assembled in the dust-control unit to prevent dust in the module, and ultimately to effectively avoid black dots on the final imaging.

    Our Clients

    Eyecontrol is a device that gives ALS patients the power to communicate.
    Linfa is a smart plant growing device that allows you to grow and enjoy your own healthy vegetables.
    BG Group is a product development company that has helped millions of companies to realize product ideas.

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