What is a MIPI camera module?

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Our common computer camera interface is the USB interface, and some cameras (for example, some hardware that supports the DVP interface) are the DVP interface; and the camera interface of the smartphone is the MIPI interface.

What is MIPI ?

MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) is an open standard and a specification initiated by the MIPI Alliance for mobile application processors. MIPI camera modules are commonly found in mobile phones and tablets, and support high-definition resolutions of more than 5 million pixels. MIPI is divided into MIPI DSI and MIPI CSI, which correspond to video display and video input standards, respectively. At present, MIPI camera modules are widely used in other embedded products, such as smartphones, driving recorders, law enforcement cameras, high-definition micro cameras, and network surveillance cameras.

Mipi camera module

Advantages of MIPI:

The MIPI interface has fewer signal lines than the DVP interface. Because it is a low-voltage differential signal, the interference generated is small, and the anti-interference ability is also strong. 800W and above all use MIPI interface. The smartphone camera interface uses MIPI.

Development of MIPI:

With the development of the intelligent era, the requirements of mobile phone shooting functions are getting higher and higher, and the terminal market requires new designs with lower power consumption, higher data transmission rate and smaller PCB footprint. Under this huge pressure, some intelligent Alternative solutions with higher performance and price ratios are gradually being adopted by relevant designers. It is precisely because the advantages of MIPI camera modules cater to the development of the mobile phone camera market, they are more and more favored by customers and are growing rapidly.

mipi camera

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Do you know these abbreviations?

• USB is short for Universal Serial Bus.
• MIPI is short for Mobile Industry Processor Interface.
• DVP is short for Digital Video Port.
• CSI is short for CMOS Sensor Interface.

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