• 0.3MP Sensor Camera Modules
  • 0.3MP Sensor Camera Modules
  • 0.3MP Sensor Camera Modules
  • 0.3MP Sensor Camera Modules

0.3MP Sensor Camera Modules

  • 640*480 resolution with great price performance ratio
  • DVP interface
  • Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Fully customizable

Application : Cellular Phone Cameras,Notebook and desktop PC cameras,Toys,Digital still cameras and camcorders,Video telephony and conferencing equipment,Security systems,Bar code reader

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Our Models

ModelSensor NameFocus TypeInterfaceSizeDatasheet
ST-OV7725-DVPOV7725Fixed focusDVP50*12.5mmdownload
ST41-0308FFGC0308Fixed focusDVP34.75*7.8*3.55mmdownload

Supertek 0.3MP DVP Camera Module

The Supertek 0.3MP DVP camera module is based on GC0308 CMOS sensor. It features 640V x 480H resolution with 1/6.5-inch optical format, and 4-transistor pixel structure for high image quality and low noise variations. It delivers superior image quality by powerful on-chip design of a 10-bit ADC, and embedded image signal processor.

The on-chip ISP provides a very smooth AE (Auto Exposure) and accurate AWB(Auto White Balance) control. It provides various data formats, such as Bayer RGB, RGB565,YCbCr 4:2:2. It has a commonly used two-wire serial interface for host to control the operation of the whole sensor.

The module is capable of operating at up to 30 frames per second at 24MHZ clock in VGA mode, with complete user control over image quality and data formatting.



Image Sensor1/6.5’’ GC0308
Pixel Size3.4μm(H) x 3.4μm(V)
Resolution0.3Megapixel 640H x 480V
Interface25pin DVP
FOVDefault 84.8 degree
LensEFL: 1.67mm  F/NO: 2.4mm
Focus typeFixed focus
Objective Distance5cm to infinity
Shutter typeElectronic Rolling Shutter
Operating Temperature-20~+70℃
Module Size34.75*7.8*3.55 mm


5MP Sensor Camera Modules 3


Image Sensor1/4’’ OV7725
Pixel Size6um(H) x 6um(V)
Resolution0. 3Megapixel 640H x 480V
Interface24pin parallel
FOVDefault 100 degree
LensEFL: 1.8mm  F/NO: 2.0mm
Focus typeFixed focus
Objective Distance20cm to 60cm
Shutter typeElectronic Rolling shutter
Operating Temperature-20º ~ +70º
Module Size50*12.5 mm